Our intimate and exclusive bridal consultations are two hours long. During your
consultation you are allowed to fit as many dresses as you wish in the available time.

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 *Please note that since we are providing you with a highly professional service and expertise, we charge a R390 consultation fee.

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What to expect and how to prepare
Your intimate and exclusive bridal consulatation will take betweek an hour and an hour and a half.  During your consultation your measurements will be taken, your dream day, colour schemes, theme and expectations will be discussed to provide expert advice and recommend styles that not only suit you style but which will make your big day a day to never forget.  You are allowed to fit on as many dressed as you like, time and size allowing.  You need to only bring an open mind and suitable underwear, no fitting shoes required.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, please see the Contact Us page